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TheFormTool, the New Document Assembly and Forms Automation Software, is Now 60% Faster


SEATTLE, Feb. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- TheFormTool is powerful document automation and forms assembly software for lawyers, doctors, accountants and others who need to personalize documents that are used repeatedly. Introduced to the national market in December 2011, its latest release includes significant enhancements to what is described as the most powerful and user friendly software of its kind.

The newest release, TheFormTool v1.1.07, is more than 60% faster than its predecessor. In company testing TheFormTool routinely accomplished more than 2,000 changes to complex 15,000-word documents in less than 8 minutes.

"I firmly believe that clients consider the most complex documents easy to produce 'forms' with little or no perceived value," says Charlie Robinson, Florida Board Certified Elder Law Attorney, Clearwater, FL ( "As lawyers, we know better.  TheFormTool allows our costs of document production to drop significantly. This system allows me to use the forms I have developed rather than compromising to use vendor-developed form documents.

"As Elder Law continues to become more complex we can now focus our time on thinking creatively about the client's needs and less on keyboard time. With TheFormTool, that time is reduced to minutes. That spells better, faster service to our clients and that's what we're all about."

The newest version of TheFormTool also introduces the ability to 'nest' lists within lists, allowing document creators to build complex cascading relationships of words, terms or paragraphs, each determined by a preceding choice.

"For years I've been looking for a less expensive alternative that would save me time generating legal agreements like real estate contracts, wills, and other forms of agreement, and also for writing routine reports as a part-time Administrative Law Judge for the agencies I work for," explains Eric Zaidins, Chair of the Technology Committee for the New York State Administrative Law Judge Association in his recent review. "Two weeks ago my search ended when I found TheFormTool PRO. TheFormTool PRO was able to do everything I required and then some. (It's) a remarkable program that gets 100% integrated into MS Word and costs just $89. It was already a great product when I first installed it, but now it's faster."

TheFormTool works inside of Microsoft Word™ to manage pronoun and verb agreement, singular and plural subjects and verbs, capitalization, conditional uses, date precedents, lists and tables, numbers, formats and complex relationships.

TheFormTool is in use from Newfoundland to Tasmania with lawyers, doctors, accountants, risk managers, contractors, professors, environmental scientists, engineers and dozens of other information professionals.

TheFormTool finalizes rep and engagement letters and fee agreements in less than a minute. Leases, wills and intake forms can be completed on the fly in real time. Patient histories, insurance claims, audit checklists, control questionnaires, interview reports and personnel items can be finalized on the spot. TheFormTool allows a broad range of data inputs: limited, unlimited or yes/no input choices; master lists across matters; conditional entries; customized field formats; and forward and reverse date precedents.

"We're especially pleased to have added substantial power while retaining simplicity," adds TheFormTool's inventor, Scott Campbell, president of Snapdone, Inc., in Vashon Island, WA. "With TheFormTool training time is still measured in minutes, not months."

Recent reviews of TheFormTool are available at TechnoLawyer and the New York State Administrative Law Judge Association. A basic version of TheFormTool is free at Users who require all the power of TheFormTool PRO can purchase a lifetime license at the introductory price of $89 by acting now.

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