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BIONOVA about BIONOVA Skincare


NEW YORK, Feb. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Beautiful skin was always a privilege of family genes.

But even the flawless skin appearance had limited time: aging processes would start taking a toll sometime after 40th of age and that was a status quo. Everybody accepted the law of human physiology……. 



The picture has changed when BIONOVA Skincare arrived on the scene. Equipped with the last findings in human physiology and biochemistry, utilizing a proprietary technology based on Life Science Nanotechnology this brand radically changed the total approach to the skin in a Beauty industry.

By treating the skin as the largest and one of the most important organs of a human body, BIONOVA created customized lines, using identical bioactive ingredients naturally produced within the body in the same ratio and quantities. This approach helps the skin to self-restore and self-heal, enhancing the skin function as a bodyguard. 

The approach towards enhancing and restoring the skin function gives HEALTHY, FLAWLESS skin to everyone. The family genes privilege became a myth faded by offering customized processes that take into consideration all skin types and all skin concerns.  

Names of BIONOVA products are very straightforward and say exactly what they do. No ambiguity in understanding and reading labels.

BIONOVA Skincare believes that Human physiology does not change depending on the day time. There are no Day and Night creams.  Only one Treatment product Day and Night! What can be done is a rotation of two different Treatment products covering two major concerns but it is optional. 

The Customization process is a very serious matter and requires knowledge of following skin conditions when purchasing any of BIONOVA products:

  1. Skin type –  helps regulate sebaceous glands activity
  2. Skin problem – always go for MAIN concern. E.g. dry, oily, acne, anti-stress, aging, blemish and etc. 
  3. Age group – helps match the product's biological activity

BIONOVA Skincare does not reverse aging processes but significantly slows them down and helps age gracefully.

This brand requires a commitment and is not a quick fix solution.

BIONOVA's Skincare slogan is: BEAUTY from WITHIN! 

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Dr. Michael Danielov


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