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The Flying Fugu Defines New Syndrome: Travafoodaholism


Food/travel blog diagnoses thousands of eating-obsessed travelers with previously unknown condition.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Food/travel blog, The Flying Fugu has defined a new disorder: travafoodaholism. The condition is described as a passion for the food aspect of world travel to the point of obsession.

Signs that you may be a sufferer include conducting pilgrimages to iconic food destinations such as Feta, Dijon, Feta and Parma; dreaming of Belgian chocolate and crossing time zones to fit in more meals. The condition has struck a chord with food-obsessed travelers self-diagnosing themselves across the social media landscape.

Another test of food fanaticism lies in The Flying Fugu's name. Readers who even know what a fugu is fall within the blog's "extreme foodie" target readership. Naming the blog after the potentially lethal Japanese puffer fish may seem like a strange move, but a scroll through The Flying Fugu's recent articles sheds some light on the matter. Graphic descriptions of Tiet Canh (duck blood soup), Balut (chicken embryo boiled in its shell) and Hakarl (rotting shark meat) reveal that this blog is intent on educating its readers about some of the most daring meals the world has to offer.

The Flying Fugu CEO and Founder, Reuven Levitt comments:

"Food plays such a huge part in world travel and for many it's the thing that dominates every trip. Thousands of travelers set off in search of foodie adventures, often going to huge lengths to find extreme meals. But finding authentic, exciting food overseas can be a minefield. It was this that gave us the idea to start a blog dedicated to helping eating-obsessed travelers navigate the world's larder."
Following diagnosis travafoodaholics can find solace in the fact that help is at hand. Articles such as "101 Foodie Hacks: a Cheat-sheet on Finding the Best Meals Abroad" are designed to help them live with their addiction.  

If you think you could be a travafoodaholic then sign up for blog updates at: Follow the fugu on Twitter @TheFlyingFugu.  

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