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Attention All Online Tax Filers: Hosts One-Day-Only Leap Year Special will launch a one-day-only special on 2/29, where efilers pay only $2.29 to file their federal and state online tax returns.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Feb. 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With the three-day tax filing extension happening this year – leap year occurring on February 29th, April 15th falling on a Sunday and Emancipation Day occurring on the following Monday – online tax filers can breathe easier, knowing they have a little extra time to prepare the necessary checklists and forms for e-filing by tax day, April 17th. 

To celebrate, eSmart Tax is launching a one-day-only online special on February 29th available through a special page on their website, where efilers can file their online federal and state tax returns for only $2.29.   

File your federal and state tax online for $2.29

This one-day-only promotion, available for new and returning customers of eSmart Tax, gives efilers access to tools that will make the process quicker and show filers the deductions and important tax credits that their situations are eligible for. 

Commenting on leap year's uncommon occurrence and what it means for tax day, Paul Walters, Marketing Director says, "With the extra day in February, we wanted to give customers the benefit of filing before April 1st, and this one-day sale gives them the advantage of filing their federal and state tax return for only $2.29."  

During the efiling process, offers a breakdown of the free online filing tax tools that customers can use from the convenience of their home computer. These tools are user-friendly, easy to navigate and a big plus for anyone who may be uncomfortable handling financial paperwork.  Additional online tax tools through eSmart Tax include:  

  • Free Live Chat
  • Tax Comparison Chart
  • Common FAQs
  • Office Locator
  • Direct customer service support
  • Tax tips and resources

About is backed by the tax experts at Liberty Tax Service, a trusted leader in the tax preparation industry for more than 10 years, and its network of over 23,000 tax preparers and more than 4,000 offices nationwide. In 2011, was rated #1 as the "Best Do-It-Your-Self Online Tax Software" in's 4th annual Readers' Choice Awards.  


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