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Relief from Area Code Relief. ICAP Patent Brokerage Announces a Patent Portfolio for Auction that Simplifies Dialing in Area Code Overlays as Well as Dialing between Area Codes in General


LOS ANGELES, Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ICAP Patent Brokerage, a division of ICAP plc and the world's largest intellectual property brokerage firm and organizer of ICAP Ocean Tomo Auctions, is offering for auction a patent portfolio that simplifies dialing in area code overlays as well as dialing between area codes in general from Gilbert J. Yablon. The lot will be included in the 15th ICAP Ocean Tomo IT Auction on March 29, 2012 at Terranea Resort near Los Angeles, California.



Conventionally, users must dial ten or more digits when calling outside of their home area code, which can be frustrating and often results in misdialed calls.  Users who travel, or who make calls into other area codes experience this inconvenience, as do users living in overlay regions and other locations affected by area code changes.  Additional frustration occurs when area code changes disrupt established dialing patterns and automated dialing devices and services need to be re-programmed or replaced.  Therefore, new technologies are desired that can simplify dialing telephone numbers while reducing errors and user difficulties.

Key Characteristics & Benefits

This patent portfolio discloses an array of technologies that simplify telephone number dialing, and enable users and service providers to customize dialing rules at will.  In many cases, the need to dial area codes can be virtually eliminated.  

  • The technology simplifies dialing by allowing users to make local and long distance calls without having to dial more than seven digits. 
  • Additionally, users can pre-select area codes and then complete calls by dialing just seven digits along with a single-digit area code selector. 
  • Further, the portfolio eliminates the need to reprogram existing automated dialing devices and services when area code changes occur.

Other aspects of the portfolio include:

  • Technologies that enable many types of misdialed calls to be corrected and completed without having to redial the entire number.
  • Methods to expand the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) with minimal disruption.

All of these technologies can be implemented in both telephone central office equipment and customer premises equipment including mobile phones and devices, affording a range of new customer services and personal customization of dialing options for individual users.

Market Potential

This is a significant portfolio for companies that manufacture communication devices such as mobile phones/handsets and network switching/routing equipment, as well as telecommunications software and service providers.

Forward Citing Companies: Broadcom, Siemens Home and Office Communication Devices, Level 3 Communications and Centurylink Inc.

To learn more about the assets available for sale in this portfolio:

Contact Tim Schnurr of ICAP Patent Brokerage at 212-815-6693 or

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ICAP Patent Brokerage is a division of ICAP plc and the world's largest intellectual property brokerage and patent auction firm.

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