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Partnership Announced Between Sundrop Farms Pty Ltd and The Sahara Forest Project AS


LONDON, February 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

- Sundrop Farms to Bring Their Unique System to Sahara Forest Project Undertakings

Today it was announced that Sundrop Farms Pty Ltd and The Sahara Forest Project AS have signed an agreement to establish a long-term close cooperation, and that Sundrop Farms Pty Ltd becomes a Sahara Forest Project AS partner.

The first stage of the cooperation will focus on knowledge sharing and exploring the potential for integrating the parties' technologies. The parties are therefore executing a joint program for testing and optimization of the Sundrop Farms technology in a Sahara Forest Project setting, aiming at a large-scale commercialization.

In 2010 Sundrop Farms began operating the world's first commercial Sundrop Farm in Port Augusta, South Australia. By employing new technologies Sundrop Farms has been able to produce high-quality produce grown from seawater and sunlight. A planned 8 hectare Australian expansion will produce 2.8 million kg of Tomatoes and 1.2 million kg of peppers per annum while saving the equivalent of about 4.6 million barrels of oil equivalent and 280 million litres of fresh water per year compared to a standard greenhouse in a similar location.

"Sundrop Farms has achieved remarkable results over the last years. We are very happy to join forces with the competent team in Sundrop Farms and we are confident that this will add to the strength of The Sahara Forest Project AS," states CEO of SFP AS, JoakimHauge.

"Sahara Forest Project has exceptionally visionary goals, and our unrivalled practical experience and functional technology is ideally placed to help implement them. We are extremely excited about this partnership and getting these important ideas off the ground," states Managing Director of Sundrop Farms, Philipp Saumweber.

The Sahara Forest Project has enjoyed considerable attention in leading news media and high-level support from governments, as well as from the EU and UN bodies. Through 2011 The Sahara Forest Project AS has launched major projects in Jordan and Qatar and teamed up with a number of leading industrial and academic partners.

"The agreement with Sundrop Farms constitutes an important part of our strategy to form alliances with cutting edge competence in game-changing environmental technologies", says JoakimHauge, CEO of SFP AS.


Images of the Sundrop Farms greenhouse at Port Augusta hosted at the following link:

More Information:

Sundrop Farms is a leader in sustainable horticulture for the arid world, growing high-value crops in greenhouse settings utilizing abundant and renewable resources - seawater and sunlight. The revolutionary Sundrop Farms system integrates solar collectors, desalination technology, electricity production and climate control, solving many food and water security issues in agriculture. An experienced, dynamic and passionate team is transforming Sundrop Farms into becoming a global leading provider of natural fresh produce and environmentally responsible horticultural solutions.

The Sahara Forest Project AS creates re-vegetation and green jobs through profitable production of food, water, clean electricity and biomass in desert areas, by combining already existing and proven environmental technologies, such as evaporation of seawater to create cooling and distilled fresh water and solar thermal technologies. The Sahara Forest Project AS is a Norwegian private limited liability company for creating profitable innovation and development of environmental solutions within the food, water and energy sector. This is achieved by bringing The Sahara Forest Project A/S technology to the market in relevant countries. The Sahara Forest Project AS is operating under the Ethical Guidelines for commercial initiatives set out by The Sahara Forest Foundation.

SOURCE Sundrop Farms Pty Ltd

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