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New Grant Program Provides Free Testing of Classroom Air Quality


WICHITA, Kan., March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Classroom air should get a lot cleaner thanks to a new grant program by the Clean Air for Kids Program. Purifan, a manufacturer of air purifiers, has provided funding for the grant that enables primary and secondary schools to test the quality of the air in their classrooms.

The program is unique because it temporarily deploys advanced technology that filters the entire volume of classroom air 40 times per hour, enabling the capture of airborne particulates of a wide variety of sizes and over an extended period of time. This method of testing accounts for a number of daily variability factors including the movement of children that results in larger particles becoming airborne, intermittent mold blooms, rising and falling pollen counts, and periodic particulate matter introduction in the classroom on children's bodies, backpacks, and hair.

Most classroom air quality testing methods use a single air sample taken in a few seconds or a few minutes, usually when children are out of the classroom. A longer term ninety-day sample period picks up many items that are brought into the classroom on the children's hair, skin, clothes and shoes, and gives you a better idea of the air quality when children are active in the room, stirring up the particles that settle to floor.

"It is very common for schools to receive numerous complaints about the air in their classrooms from parents and teachers," says Stanley Brannan, CEO of Purifan, Inc. He continued, "Typical testing methods can hide important data from administrators and parents who want to know what particulates exist in the classroom air that may be contributing to making students and teachers sick. We intend to help." 

"According to the Healthy Schools Network, up to 60% of children suffer from at least one serious health issue caused in the indoor environment in their school, and our program is designed to help identify all of the particulates that contribute to this problem," stated Mr. Brannan.

The program provides complete funding for air cleaning devices that reside in classrooms for a period of ninety days. Tests in more than 100 schools thus far have indicated that a substantial benefit can be realized from cleaner classroom air, including lower absentee rates and higher test scores.

To sign up and receive the grant, schools or parents of children suffering from allergies and asthma need to register their classroom by going to A limited number of grants are available.

The Clean Air for Kids Program is funded by Purifan. Purifan, Inc. has been manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective commercial-grade air purifiers in Wichita, KS since 1998. The product has 11 patents and more than 45,000 Purifans are in use in schools, restaurants, clubs, offices, and other commercial establishments. For more information, contact Stan Brannan at Purifan at 800.686.6131 ext 12 or


Stan Brannan, CEO
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