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BIONOVA Leading the Way!


NEW YORK, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When BIONOVA entered the Beauty market the company brought its vast experience in Life Science Nanotechnology that resulted in providing Healthy Skin to Everyone with results never possible before!

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Today, BIONOVA is the most trusted Skincare brand famous for delivering the results it claims.

Go Hyper-Natural
The word 'Natural' is the most used and common word in the skin care industry today. Historically, the Beauty Industry has been trying to imitate Nature and till now is offering products composed of botanical raw materials and other earth derived elements.  

BIONOVA offers a totally new approach: very simple and very logical. It takes a Human Body as a model and copies from it!

Equipped with knowledge of human physiology and biochemistry, backed up with the proprietary technologies, BIONOVA was able to reproduce ingredients identical to the ingredients produced by a human body. BIONOVA calls them Hyper-Natural. The compatible nature of Hyper-Natural ingredients is embraced by the skin and helps the skin to self-heal and self-restore, naturally replacing broken links that bring magic results.

….and little bit about Nanocomplexes
Hyper-Natural™ ingredients need a vehicle to be delivered to the designated places, which is BIONOVA's proprietary delivery system. It is important to note that Hyper-Natural™ ingredients placed on the proprietary delivery system compose a unit called NANO-COMPLEX™. 

The proprietary technology permits BIONOVA to address almost any existing skin concern/problem by composing a NANO-COMPLEX to address a particular problem based on a personal profile thus opening incredible opportunities for Customization. 

…and finally: Leading the Way!
BIONOVA enriched the Beauty world with:
a. a new concept of imitating a Human Body vs. Nature;
b. implementing a new type of ingredients called Hyper-Natural;
c. introducing a totally new entity – a NANO-COMPLEX™ that is a vital part of all BIONOVA products responsible for the efficacy;
d. overall, treating the skin as the largest organ of the body thus understanding the importance of enhancing its barrier system.   

All these components are the key of BIONOVA's success today and open new horizons for unlimited grow in the future. 

BIONOVA's slogan is 'Beauty from Within!'   

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