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Retaining Fire Protection Group Can Mean Big Savings on Fees and Insurance


Fire Protection Group, Inc. brings the knowledge of an experienced fire protection contractor to their cost-saving consulting

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- While the all-American Fire Protection Group, Inc. (FPG, Inc.) is already known all over Southern California, including Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties, as the premier company for saving costs on business and residential building fire code compliance. Regulation #4, Title #19 and NFPA 25 are important considerations for all building managers and owners, but these issues can become costly and overwhelming when added to already high maintenance costs. By employing an experienced fire protection contractor in Los Angeles to assess the needs of their clients they set up and maintain the necessary equipment at values no one can beat in Southern California.

Installing fire sprinkler systems in Los Angeles is how FPG, Inc. built their reputation. However, the most efficient way to save money in many cases is to retain FPG, Inc. as a consultant when negotiating with fire departments, building departments and insurance companies. Former Los Angeles Fire Chief Al Hernandez handles cases for FPG, Inc. Due to his strong relationships in the field of fire protection, and his 32 years of experience, he simply knows more about the issues at hand than nearly anyone else doing this kind of work. But, not to be outdone, George Saadian, Fire Protection Group's fire protection engineer is not just a leader in contracting for fire protection; he also personally drafted a number of the code additions in place around the state. Finally, William Samoska the in-house attorney at FPG has a proven history of defending clients against incorrect claims that they were not in compliance, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As just one example, a recent high-rise owner was wrongly presented with no alternative than to provide and install 200 smoke detectors to 200 existing air conditioning units and connect them to the building's fire alarm system; a prospect that would have cost over $120,000. FPG investigated the claim and met with the fire department. They negotiated for a low-cost alternative and eventually were able to eliminate the requirement altogether, saving the owner from a massive increase in maintenance costs. FPG only takes on the cases that will benefit their clients. For this reason, their success rate for fire protection consulting cases has been 92% over the past ten years.

If you may have a similar issue in the future, or you're interested in details about a free fire sprinkler inspection in Los Angeles, call 888-732-4200 or go to

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