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Kalkhoff Electric Bikes for the Price of 20 Refills of Your Car!


LONDON, March 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Electric Bike use is growing rapidly due to the price of fuel reaching an all time high of £1.50 a litre for Diesel. A lot of the time during the daily average commute of 6 miles time is spent sitting in congestion, that is a lot of wasted money and tme for just sitting still and going nowhere.

Scott Snaith, Director of says " our customers are now purchasing Kalkhoff electric Bicycle because it is becoming one of the most convenient and economical ways to travel".

Not everyone likes to take public transport, given the choice, people without driving licences now have that choice. Everybody does not have the fitness level to cycle to work each and every day on a conventional bike, but electric bikes are now seeing a new type of cyclist hitting the roads from all walks of life. The new transport revolution achieved sales of 87000 Kalkhoff Electric bikes being sold in Germany over the last 12 months.

A cyclist no longer has to be Lycra clad to make it to work on time or be in peak physical condition to cycle to work on a daily basis.

Mike Sandford bought his electric bike so he could continue riding a bike into his seventies using a bicycle to measure the length of running races such as the London Marathon. Mike said "It is perfect for this because it flattens the hills and overcomes the wind. I no longer get tired and very slow as I did in my 60s. When I worked I had daily commute of 9 miles each way. I did not then know about electrically assisted bikes so I drove our second car. I now realise that with a good electric bike I could have had a 40 minute commute, arrived fresh ready for the office, and saved a packet of money"

This is the experience of one Kalkhoff owner but there are now thousands on the roads in the UK using their new utility vehicles for all sorts of reasons from picking up the local groceries to getting to work. Electric bikes are now becoming the all rounders bicycle that anyone can use.

Most types of bicycles have there own categorisation limites usages that can discriminate certain uses such as single speed bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes all have there own great benefits but not just anyone can jump on and simply get to work in a suit or overalls without getting up to a certain level of fitness.

With the new Kalkhoff Impulse bikes people from all walks of life including patients with arthritis or obesity are using the bikes not only to mobilise them but also rehabilitate them.

Scott from says '‘The most rewarding part of our business is that our products are literally life changing for many of our customers and on a national level they help reduce congestion on the roads and motivate people to get active whilst travelling instead of sitting in traffic burning fuel and putting on the pounds."


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