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Canadian Beaufort Sea Fisheries Management Plan Applauded
HelpMeSee & Columbia University's Edward S. Harkness Eye Institute Held Landmark Grand Rounds During World Sight Day
YES on 45: HealthNet Contributes $5 Million to Deceptive and Misleading No on 45 Campaign Using Actor as Phony Hardware Store Owner in TV Ads
PA Groups Release Scorecard on State Legislators' Environmental Votes
MNA Nurses Are Outraged by Committee on Public Health's Refusal to Allow Frontline Nurses to Testify at an Oct. 16 Public Hearing on Ebola Preparedness in the State at a Time When Nurses Across Mass. Report a Lack of Education, Training and Proper P English
New AFGE Video: EEOC Employee Stands Up for Next Generation of Workers
NumbersUSA Immigration Ad Campaign Asks Senators: Should Americans Get The Next U.S. Jobs?
Immigration Enforcement Collapses Further in 2014
Former Virginia Lt. Governor Nominee Launches National Movement To Protect Rights Of Christians
NY Care Facilities Rampant with Physical and Sexual Abuse English
2015 Express Scripts Medicare Prescription Drug Plans Earn CMS 4-Star Quality and Performance Rating
L A Sheriff Front-Runner McDonnell Avoiding Media Scrutiny?: Full Disclosure Network(R) Internet - TV Series
Michigan Chamber of Commerce Responds To Mark Schauer's Plan To Double-Tax Thousands Of Entrepreneurs And Small Business Owners
ACA's Board Of Directors Issues Statement Opposing The Regulation Of Debt Collection Attorneys' Litigation Activities By Non-Judicial Branches Of Government
NYS Justice Center Violating Multiple Laws-
National Press Club Newsmaker: Will New Court Rulings, State Election Laws and Voter ID Laws Suppress Voter Turnout for the Mid-Term Elections?
Doctors That Harm: The Real Stories Insurance Companies Against Prop 46 Don't Want You To Know, From Consumer Watchdog Campaign Series
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker Appoints Larta CEO Rohit Shukla to Serve on the National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Rate Challenges Have Saved Consumers $3.063 Billion Since 2002 On Auto, Home and Business Insurance Rates, Showing How Prop 45 Will Save Consumers Up To $1 Billion Annually On Health Insurance, says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
Ambassador Bolton Endorses & Makes PAC Contributions To 6 GOP Candidates
Brattle Principal Coleman Bazelon Contributes To Landmark Decision In Texas Voting Rights Case By Evaluating The Economic Burden Of SB 14
Everytown Action Fund Invests Additional $1 Million To Support Initiative 594, Washington State Ballot Measure To Close Background Check Loophole That Will Help Reduce Gun Violence
CA Choices cuts through noise, provides nonpartisan information and third party endorsements as voters consider game-changing propositions on water, crime, healthcare & gaming
New VA Whistleblower Protection Certification Demonstrates Agency's Commitment to Ending Culture of Retaliation, Says AFGE
Teamster Taxi Drivers Turn Out In Mass Again to Protest Unequal Treatment By D.C. City Council
Ambassador Bolton Endorses 9 GOP House Candidates & Former Governor Mike Rounds In Critical South Dakota Senate Race
Program Administration & Customer Outreach Addressed by Solix, Inc. at Regulatory Conference
Yahoo Live To Stream The Avett Brothers' Legendary Giveback 3 From Myrtle Beach On Dec. 13
2nd Annual Energy Storage North America Conference and Expo Doubles 2013 Attendance; Sets New Standard for Industry Participation and Deal-making
Record 61.8 million U.S. Residents Speak Foreign Language at Home
Former White House Spokesman Bob Weiner & Economic Analyst Evan Baumel Set Record Straight On Health Law "Myths" That Harm Florida, Nation
PhRMA Launches "I'm Not Average" Campaign to Highlight the Stories of Cancer Survivors
Organic Farm and Consumer Groups Achieve Partial Victory to Protect National Organic Standards Board
What Has Happened to the Everyman? New Book Questions GOP Philosophies
John Bolton SuperPAC Announces $5M Digital Ad Camapign
Consumer Digital Privacy Protection Advisory: Top Mobile Flashlight Applications Spy on Users, Warn SnoopWall Cybersecurity Experts
Viguerie: Priebus Speech A Victory For Conservatives
Legion to Obama: Pick Up the Phone and Call Mexico
Bechtel, US Department of Energy Set Path to Complete Key Nuclear Facility
AFGE Video: Border Patrol Agents Extend a Helping Hand to Those in Need
Department of Defense Prepares for Nov. 4 Midterm Election with New Campaign Launch
Psychologists Recommend Tips Surrounding Serious Mental Illness
Obama Administration Moves To Quietly Close The SBA With Policies
US Photonics Industry Leaders Commit Upwards of $30M to Support The President's BRAIN Initiative
Ambassador John Bolton Endorses 13 California GOP Candidates
Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Honored at 2014 South-South Awards for Climate Change Endeavors
Executive Amnesty for Traffic Offenders?
The Midterm Forecast: Clear Sailing for the GOP and Stormy Weather for the Democrats
The Convention of States Project Announces Formation of Prestigious "Legal Board of Reference" in Support of Article V
Fattah Announces $2.5 Million in Crime Prevention Funding to Philadelphia

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