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Teamsters Local 769 in Miami Files for Representational Election at Con-way Freight
New Report Outlines Potential Savings for PA Taxpayers through Investment in Pre-K
Health Insurance Companies Now Spending $55 Million Vs. Prop 45, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
AJC Praises NYPD for Arrest in Assault of Brooklyn Jewish Leader
Teamsters Honor School Bus Worker Contributions To Safety During National School Bus Safety Week, Oct. 20-24
NJASAP prepares for appearance at 2014 NBAA convention
Real World Of Mafia Boss, Michael Franzese And His True Life Redemption Shown Through Scenes Of The Crucifixion, Deemed Too Violent By MPAA In Upcoming Film "God The Father"
MEDIA ADVISORY: Brigham & Women's Hospital Nurses to Hold Press Conference on Oct. 22 to Alert the Public About Deteriorating Patient Care For the Most Critically Ill Patients
Which States Are America's 2014 Energy Efficiency Leaders?
Manufacturing and Ag Leaders: Current COOL Rules Threaten Jobs and Economic Growth
Is Your Politician a "Lap Dog" For the NRA and its Corporate Cash? Do they do Tricks? Roll Over? All for Gun Lobby Treats?
Dr. Bronner's Places Major Ad Buy to Present Clear Evidence from Former EPA Senior Scientist of Skyrocketing Herbicide and Insecticide Use on GMO Crops
New Research Shows 93 Percent of U.S. Adults Unaware of Men's Risk for Osteoporosis
AOA calls on CCAMLR to agree on marine protection of the Ross Sea and East Antarctica
Pearson Foundation Selects Groundbreaking Nonprofit to Receive Digital Platform and $1.3M
Gov. Jerry Brown to Meet with California/National Nurses Leaders Tuesday to Review Need for Higher Ebola Standards
HRC Endorses PrEP, Calls for Bold Action to Expand Access to Anti-HIV Drug
CBS 60 Minutes to Highlight Risk for Americans Living in 45 States Where Death with Dignity Is Not Authorized
Fresno Bee Endorses Yes On Prop 45, Says: Ballot Initiative Will Rein In Health Insurance Premiums, Says Consumer Watchdog Campaign
Vote No On Measure 90
AJC Applauds Action to Put Golden Dawn Leadership on Trial for Criminal Activity
Miscarriage Myth Busted: Planned Parenthood Caught Lying About Personhood -- Personhood USA
Flight Attendant Union Issues Ebola Protection And Response Checklist
Victim Of Negligence At Hands Of A Drunk Doctor, A Physician and Consumer Advocates Release New Yes on 46 TV Ad, "On Call"
FRC: Houston Mayor Refiles Pastor Subpoenas, Retains Demand for Communications With Threat of Fines, Jail
Democratic Strategist/Former White House Spokesman Bob Weiner And Policy Analyst Joseph Abay Call For Standing In Lines As "Only Answer To Republicans Attempting To Rig 2014 Midterm Election By Suppressing Minority, Youth And Working Voters"
Administration Invokes Non-Existing Parole Authority to Increase Haitian Immigration, Charges FAIR
Ebola Hearings Miss Main Point, States Physicians for Civil Defense
IFAW partner Interpol on the hunt for suspected Kenyan ivory smuggler
Canadian Beaufort Sea Fisheries Management Plan Applauded
ISRA Urges Municipalities To Follow Peoria's Lead And Lift Locally Imposed Impediments To Self Defense
Retailers Applaud White House Action to Improve Card Security in U.S.
Report Reveals Only 23% of Senate Supported Enforcing Border in 113th Congress
Health Coalition Launches Radio Ad Campaign to Support Pro-Liability Reform Candidate
Communist Vietnam's Neo-Colonizing Policies Must Be Stopped to Prevent the Destabilization of Southeast Asia and the Continuing Human Rights Violations of the Indigenous Populations.
ANA Calls on the CDC for Clear, Concrete Guidelines to Ensure Patient, Health Care Professional Safety in Light of Ebola Transmissions
ATA Urges Rejection of Misleading Push Poll on Truck Safety
FRC: More than 25,000 Sign Petitions in 24 Hours Urging Houston Mayor to End Political Intimidation, Drop Subpoenas of Pastors
With Automobile Loan Debt Higher Than Ever, Americans Need GAP Waivers
YES on 45: HealthNet Contributes $5 Million to Deceptive and Misleading No on 45 Campaign Using Actor as Phony Hardware Store Owner in TV Ads
Doral Employees Write to Governor Garcia Padilla to Save Their Jobs, Stop the Attacks on Doral
AFA Applauds Frontier Airlines For Swift, Responsive Action After Recent Ebola Incident
Statement from Betsy Ryan, President and CEO, New Jersey Hospital Association, on Ebola Preparedness in New Jersey Hospitals
Connecticut Losing Ground on Afterschool
Nevada Making Progress on Afterschool Programming
Virginia No Longer a 'Top 10 State for Afterschool'
Parents in Kansas Place High Value on Afterschool Programs, But the State Ranks Among Bottom 10 for Afterschool
Minnesota Making Progress on Afterschool Programming
Oklahoma Making Progress on Afterschool Programming
West Virginia Making Progress on Afterschool Programming

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