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Democratic Strategist/Former White House And Congress Spokesman Bob Weiner And Policy Analyst Evan Baumel Provide 10-Point Plan To Prevent "Wave Election" Against Dems; Article In Michigan Chronicle
Feed the Future Legislation Introduced in Congress
A Coalition of Former AT&T Partners Files FCC Claim to Deny DirecTV Acquisition
NHPCO Applauds Passage of the IMPACT Act
CVS Health CEO to Address National Press Club on Landmark Decision to Quit Tobacco, Leadership in Health Care Innovation
Alere Applauds President's Executive Order Combating Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
Economies Thrive on Hope not Jealousy, says Crown Financial Ministries
Muscular Dystrophy Community, MDA Help MD-CARE Act Pass Senate, Bill Awaits President's Signature
Stop Hillary PAC Delivers Over 264,000 "Subpoena Hillary" Signatures To Rep. Trey Gowdy
SiriusXM Launches Limited Run Series with Alan M. Dershowitz Beginning September 21
German cars learning US traffic regulations
Virginia Business Magazine Touts Engineering Services Network (ESN) for Its Steady Growth Rate
Boeing Statement on Export-Import Bank Extension
John Bolton Endorses Three Oklahoma GOP Candidates
Meijer Agrees to Pay $2 Million Civil Penalty for Distributing Recalled Products
"Online and Off the Record": Investigation Shows Criminals In Washington State Flocking To Vast Online Gun Marketplace To Evade Background Checks, Arm Themselves
No Labels Interrupts Election Year Partisan Fighting with National Ideas Meeting in D.C.
79% of parents globally seek ban against ad-related internet tracking and profiling in schools
Teamsters, Global Public Sector Unions Warn Of Consequences Of Trade Policies
Michigan Citizens Urge Policymakers to Protect Dog Owners' Property Rights by Banning Dog Breed Discrimination
Honeywell To Increase Production Of Low-Global-Warming Materials, Reduce Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) Production By Nearly Half Over Five Years
Jewel Debuts New Song "Home to Me" to Raise Awareness for the Importance and Benefits of Public Housing
Top City Health Officials Come to Capitol Hill with Dire Message on Opioid Addiction and Overdose
Making Colorado Great: Call for Beauprez to Immediately Renounce Ties to Sandy Hook Denier
Obama's Immigration Record 2009 to 2014: FAIR Report Chronicles Wholesale Dismantling of Enforcement
What do the new iPhone, football uniforms and the U.S. Constitution have in common?
The Texas Public Policy Foundation Endorses Call for Article V Convention of States
Media Advisory: "Make Michigan Next" Rally to End Breed Discrimination and to Protect the Property Rights of Pet Owners
Fattah Statement on the 20th Anniversary of AmeriCorps
Tune In to See The CementBloc Discuss the Affordable Care Act on 21st Century Television
New FDA-Approved Weight Loss Drug Adds New Tool for Obesity Treatment
Author Tory Williams Sets Out To Engage The Public And Combat The Controversy Surrounding Stem Cell Therapy With Informative New Book
SPI Calls for Reform in Wake of NAM Report on Manufacturing Industry's Regulatory Burden
KIDS: Driver's License Vulnerability Remains as Islamic State Channels al-Qaeda's Playbook
CAIR: D.C., National Muslim Leaders to Watch President's ISIS Speech, Offer Reaction
New Research: Mail-Service and Specialty Pharmacies to Save Consumers, Employers, Unions and Public Programs $311 Billion
No Labels Interrupts Election Year Partisan Fighting with National Ideas Meeting in D.C.
250,000 Texas Members Of NumbersUSA Launch TV Ad Asking Obama To Stop Talking Amnesty And Start Securing Border
Campaign Nonviolence To Launch at National Press Club 9/18; Featuring Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Ken Butigan, John Dear, Rev. Lennox Yearwood and Marie Dennis Members Voice Strong Opposition To Senate Commerce Committee Video Bill
Ready and Rapid Cybersecurity Information Sharing Needed Says US Wireless Industry White Paper
Terrorism and Insurance: 13 Years After 9/11 The Threat Of Terrorist Attack Remains Real English
SBA Administrator Could Face Tough Questions From Congress On Wednesday
More Than 140,000 Minnesota Residents Lost Their Healthcare Thanks to U.S. Senator Al Franken
Dr. Gregory Myers Joins The Cloudburst Group As Director, Private Sector Engagement, Land Tenure
Two-Week Sprint for Political Journalists and Policy Pros Following Congress
Voto Latino Responds to President's Delay of Executive Action on Immigration Reform
Brady Campaign Launches National Effort To Stop "Bad Apple" Gun Dealers
New Recess Reports Help Political Journalists and Policy Pros Jump Back into Congress
Congressman Fattah Statement on August Jobs Report

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