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Clifton Mining Company (OTCBB: CFTN) - 4th Qtr. Update


AMERICAN FORK, UT, Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Clifton Mining Company received a distribution in December 2017 from its investment in American Silver, LLC of $106,750.  This amount and the amount received in March 2017 totals $320,250.

American Silver, LLC sent an update to its shareholders and below is a summary of that information.

During 2017, approvals were granted to the company by the Canadian Government on the new cream and lotion products as antimicrobial moisturizers.  When the agreements are finalized, these products will be sold in Canada not only in the cosmetic markets, but also in doctor's offices, hospitals, and elderly care units with full bacteria and yeast killing claims, including eliminating skin infections.  Health Canada has also approved marketing and selling of the 10 ppm liquid as a wound cleanser and treatment.  The company now holds a total of 13 Canadian approvals.

The Silver Biotics family line of products has been rebranded and these products with the new packaging began shipping in November 2017. 

A new single use packet machine (sachet machine) was acquired and installed.  The first large order from a large first aid kit company has been received for 1 million units, which are to be delivered at the rate of 250,000 units each quarter over the next year. 

Additional studies have been completed during the year, including an extension in the longevity of the effect of botulinum toxin from 2-4 months to an average of 9 months.  Another study on the Silver Biotics Tooth Gel product was released, which showed that 87.5% of patients had significant clinical improvements within the first week of brushing their teeth with the Silver Biotics Tooth Gel.  Plaque reduction was also recorded at levels as high as 80%, with half the patients showing a marked decrease in gum inflammation at levels as dramatic as 70%.

Two large national store chains have agreed to buy and put on shelf two of the company products in 2018.

Please see the Company's website for additional Company information.  Clifton trades on the U.S. OTC: (CFTN).

Note: Any statements released by Clifton Mining Company that are forward looking are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.  Editors and investors are cautioned that forward looking statements invoke risk and uncertainties that may affect the company's business prospects and performance.

SOURCE Clifton Mining Company

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