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Greenbelt Resources Postpones Analyst Call Due To Hurricane Irma


PASO ROBLES, Calif., Sept. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Greenbelt Resources Corporation (OTC: GRCO) has announced that it will postpone the analyst call previously scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, 2017.   While there is no material threat or negative impact of either storm to Greenbelt's actual initiatives, current communication flow, both internally and with external colleagues in the southeast (most notably in Louisiana and Florida) have been and will be disrupted, and may continue to be problematic due to the existing and threatened hurricane impacts.    

The call will be rescheduled early in the third quarter as soon as communication flow returns to normal and all parties are able to recommit to a reliable schedule.  

Greenbelt Resources wishes to express its concern and well wishes to all members of the Greenbelt community in the path of Hurricane Irma including any of our shareholders, vendors, our clients and colleagues at the University of Florida and the Stan Mayfield Biorefinery Center, our legal counsel at Legal and Compliance, and our CFO Joe Pivinski

Investors interested in participating in the live call should visit Greenbelt's Investor Relations page and fill out the "Investor Form" at the bottom of the page.  In the comments section, please mention your interest in participating in the analyst call, and instructions, including call-in information and the updated schedule date, will be provided.  You may also follow the company on its newly launched Facebook page

About Greenbelt Resources
Greenbelt Resources Corporation™ is an award-winning provider of sustainable energy production systems focused on delivering modular solutions that enable the localized processing of locally generated waste into locally consumed products. Greenbelt designs, develops and implements technology that makes the production of advanced biofuel reliable, practical and efficient. Controlled by proprietary automated controls, Greenbelt's small-scale, end-to-end modular systems convert food, beverage and other cellulosic wastes into commercially viable advanced biofuels (bio-ethanol), animal feed, fertilizer and filtered water. For more information visit

Forward-Looking Statements
This document includes certain statements, predictions and projections that may be considered forward-looking statements under securities law. These statements involve a number of important risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially including, but not limited to, the supply and demand for biofuels, our ability to remain technologically competitive and other economic, competitive and technological factors involving the Company's operations, markets, services, products and prices.


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SOURCE Greenbelt Resources Corporation

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