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CRC Signs Letter of Intent for Expansion of its Clean and Renewable Energy on Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community Land -- a Sovereign Nation


PHOENIX, Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CRC (OCT BB: CYSA) signs Letter of Intent with Au-Awthum Tash, LLC regarding implementation of CRC's technology. Au-Awthum Tash possesses a tribal community license, "native preference" business license, as well as a tribal gaming license for Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community – a Sovereign Nation. CRC believes that its nuCarbide™, nuPowerGas™ and nuPower™ product lines are superior to many green energy technologies currently on the market. Small footprint and very low capital cost provides a solid basis for fast expansion. In addition to its own power generation facilities, CRC expects its leading edge technology to work together with hydro, solar, and wind turbine power generation facilities already on Sovereign Nation land and ensure clean 24/7 stable power source for many Sovereign Nation communities in North America. nuPowerGas™ is clean fuel made from nuCarbide™ made by in-house processing lime and/or limestone.  

Ms. Shelly Hayes, president of Au-Awthum Tash, stated, "It is our intent to develop NuPower™ technology within tribal nation boundaries. The accompanying shorter regulatory process on sovereign lands is beneficial to both Au-Awthum Tash, LLC and CRC, as it allows us to propel the technology forward in ways that would not otherwise be possible. This will result in substantial reduction in valuable time for project development, as well as lower cost. The sovereign nation will be instrumental in easing constraints with quasi-governmental entities (including utility and regulatory commissions), to streamline the interaction between power generation companies and to further project development."

Ms. Hayes added, "Stand-alone nuPower™ generation stations, deployment of nuPower™ with new and existing solar installations, wind farm installations and deployment for "cleaning" of existing coal power generation stations, among other things are being considered. We at Au-Awthum Tash look forward to a bright and prosperous future in this and many other market segments that are applicable for the use of this technology to multiple projects we currently have in development."

Dr. Kiril Pandelisev, Chief Executive Officer of CRC, added, "We are pleased to be working with Ms Hayes and Au-Awthum Tash, LLC and expanding our alternative clean energy technology for the benefit of the native people in America. While power companies are meeting the Waxman-Markey Energy and Climate Bill for 20% Renewable Energy by 2020 by building clean energy plans in Asia, we will be building our nuPower™ plants across the street, on a Sovereign Nation land. A very wise native people approach, to say the least."   

About CRC Crystal Research Corporation:

CRC Crystal Research Corporation's ( and its subsidiaries ( ) focus on inorganic, green and renewable green energy technologies for production of nuCarbide™, nuPowerGas™, and nuPower™, and on technologies that provides for manufacturing or "growing" of various types of crystals utilized in a large number of military, medical and industrial applications. CRC's management believes they have the ability to grow crystals of any desired width, length and thickness needed to meet customers' exact specifications; thus significantly reducing scrap and, in turn, increasing profit.  Additionally, the space requirement for SCT plate growth is estimated to be approximately 200 times less than that for the standard Bridgman-Stockbarger method.  CRC's technology is known to many leading industry crystal users such as Lockheed Martin, GE Medical, Phillips, Halliburton, Intel, Canon, Nikon, Sematech International, ASML, Zeiss and others. Our data show many advantages of the SCT process over the outdated conventional methods.

Safe Harbor Statement

This press release contains statements that may constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Those statements include statements regarding the intent, belief or current expectations of the Company, and members of their management as well as the assumptions on which such statements are based. The company undertakes no obligation to update or revise forward-looking statements to reflect changed assumptions, the occurrence of unanticipated events or changes to future operating results. The Company encourages the public to read the above information in conjunction with its with the Securities and Exchange Commission, at

For more information, please contact:

CRC Crystal Research Corporation

SOURCE CRC Crystal Research Corporation

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